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Enable first time managers to lead with experience

One in two people leave their jobs because of bad management. Break the cycle with a well-trained management team, and retain the people who make your business work, today.

Decades of experience from the industry’s most respected career managers

Management in Training addresses the challenges faced by associates transitioning to management with training built on decades of on-the-floor management experience. Given hospitality’s reputation for high employee churn - the opportunity that is a well-trained, confident and capable management team cannot be overestimated.

Focusing on key soft skills and leadership fundamentals, this modular 10-course training program shares insights and real-life experiences from leading authorities and a high caliber panel of subject matter experts.

Empower associates with management potential and those who are on the cusp of career growth to take on their next chapter with confidence and skill.

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Specific, real-world examples of common challenges a manager might encounter expedite experience and solidify theoretical principles into living behaviors.

+100 collective years of experience. One management training program.

10 Individual courses that connect knowledge, skill and real-world application.

Transitioning to Management

From recognizing their obligations to stakeholders to learning about the different types of managerial skills and emotional intelligence, this course ensures that associates are well on their way to honing their management skills.


Delving into the importance of communication within the workplace, this course breaks down the various methods for overcoming barriers to effective communication, helping managers-in-training improve their relationships with their team.

Decision-making and Problem-solving

This course empowers future managers with the knowledge to follow the correct process for making sound decisions, enabling them to utilize these problem-solving strategies in the workplace.

Delegation and Task Management

Being comfortable with outsourcing tasks to fellow associates can be daunting. This course explores the benefits of delegation, assisting managers-in-training to eliminate time-wasting activities by prioritizing important tasks.

The Coach

This course unpacks motivational theories and different ways in which managers-in-training can motivate their associates. Upon completion, they’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to be a true motivator for their team.

Resolving Conflict and Employee Discipline

Learn how to be an effective mediator and how to identify the main causes of workplace conflict with this essential course. Future managers will also learn how to effectively approach conflict using practical scenarios.

Guest Service vs Guest Engagement

This course teaches the core differences between service and hospitality. It also guides future managers on how to positively impact guest engagement to ensure customers become returning guests.

Introduction to Financial Management

Managers need to recognize how an income statement affects their decision making. This course guides them through the key terms and the correct position for each of the profit and loss statement elements.

Introduction to Compliance and HR

HR is an invaluable tool for managers. That’s why they need to learn more about HR’s role and why it’s crucial to report workplace incidents. This course also familiarizes future managers with the documentation used to protect their organization.

Introduction to Recruitment and Selection

Choosing the right candidate for the job is guided by a solid recruitment structure. This course guides managers-in-training through the different methods and identifies key insights during the recruiting process.

Customizable content means training, your way

Management in Training’s modular course design allows for existing content to be updated with custom interviews, lesson intros, practical assessments and more. This enables you to train your future leaders using the insights and brand knowledge that’s integral to your organization’s DNA. Management in Training courses can also be combined with other Hallmark content to create custom Learning Paths. This enables you to provide just the right amount of operational and management knowledge to meet the learner at their level of experience.