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21 courses | 5 Learning Paths

Comprehensive training solution

Aligned to international standards

Ensure your Guests enjoy unmatched comfort

Equip your team with all they need to know to excel in their Housekeeping daily duties - from room preparation and cleaning fundamentals to laundry essentials and being efficient at departmental administration. They’ll also learn how to handle chemicals safely and the correct procedures involved when cleaning public areas.

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Category highlights

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Housekeeping procedures

Adhere to health & safety standards

Work safely with chemicals

Handle Guest interactions professionally

Excel at linen & laundry service

Learn about housekeeping standards

Things to consider

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  • What are the business objectives you’re trying to achieve?
  • Do you need to train multiple teams in multiple locations?
  • Do you have an integration requirement?
  • Do you need to provide training in multiple languages?
  • Is there a specific time frame you’re working towards?

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