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Role-specific spa training, created by wellness experts.

Spa Professional is a first-of-its-kind online training program that will empower managers and associates with the knowledge and tools they need to inspire Guests to return and run an effective spa operation.

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Profitability lies in enhancing the Guest experience

Created in partnership with leading global wellness company, Resense, Spa Professional addresses the unique training needs of spa professionals. Inspired by Resense’s experience providing successful and enduring solutions to clients in 30 countries, this online curriculum will empower associates, managers and directors alike with practical skills, operational tools and fit-for-purpose training.

Our wellbeing has never been more important and wellness is now a significant element in many hotel offerings.
However, because spa associates are intrinsically different from other hospitality professionals, traditional business training often does not equip them to maximize their operations. Instead, training needs to be aligned to the language and motivators that work for kinaesthetic people. Inquire today.

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Flexible pricing to suit your operation’s size and budget

Spa Professional is designed to meet a variety of operational requirements - from single establishments to training multiple teams in multiple locations. For less than 60 associates, our Business packages are ideal. The packages give users access to the program for a year. For more than 60 associates, we recommend our Enterprise solution.

Small Package

Small Package

5 - 9 users

Starting from $1 885

Medium Package

Medium Package

10 - 22 users

Starting from $3 699

Large Package

Large Package

23 - 60 users

Starting from $6 658

Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solution

60 + users

Starting from $15 600

Focused training that teaches core principles to the right audience.

Four Learning Paths have been curated to provide the appropriate level of training and empower each spa role to exceed Guests’ every expectation.

Spa Leadership

Empower Spa Directors, Managers & Supervisors to maintain standards of excellence. Spa Leadership - nine courses - will ensure management is completely aligned with their teams. Together with a specifically curated curriculum, Spa Management Fundamentals, they will have the latest know-how in Operations, Marketing, Inventory and Finance. Click the play button to preview the Spa Leadership lesson alongside.

Practical tools and resources proven to deliver in successful spas

Spa Professional features a collection of customizable templates, designed to assist managers in day-to-day operations and validate a learner’s understanding. These include: Assessment Templates, a Workbook Answer Book and Interactive Lessons, Reference Cards and a Resource Guide consisting of the following customizable templates:

  • Spa Business Plan and Analysis Worksheets
  • Competition Analysis and Marketing Plan Templates
  • Spa Managers Daily, Weekly and Monthly Checklists
  • Line Level and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Checklists
  • Inventory Book Template
  • Written and visual SOP Templates
  • Treatment, Product and Team Skills Grids
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Spa Professional understands and complements the diversity of experience that’s characteristic of the wellness industry with expert knowledge that delivers unmatched Guest experiences and ROI.

Kasha Shillington CEO, Resense Spas

Spa Professional shows you how to increase the revenue of your spa - big or small - and provides managers with a deeper understanding of how a successful spa should operate with knowledge from the best in the business.