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Our proven learning methodology teaches practical skills, knowledge and behaviours, that can be demonstrated immediately. From hourly associates to senior management, our content covers all major aspects of hospitality. With over 500 000 registered learners across 120 countries, we are the leading online training company for the hospitality industry. Our learning solutions have demonstrated positive ROI for some of the world's most remarkable establishments.


Designed with learning in mind

With Lobster Ink there is a return on investment for every minute spent on learning
5 Minutes a Day

5 Minutes a Day

Lobster Ink’s small bursts of learning don’t interrupt a busy schedule, while ensuring that every minute given to learning on the platform counts.


There’s no need for special software or dedicated training rooms. Lobster Ink’s easy to use platform lets your team learn anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

Lobster in your own language. With most courses translated into various global languages Lobster Ink provides learning that is easy to grasp for quick understanding. A perfect learning solution for a diverse team.
Monitoring and analytics

Monitoring and analytics

We give managers the data to manage. Action orientated analytics allow for efficient team management to improve your bottom line.
Global accreditations

Global accreditations

Get qualified. Lobster Ink courses combine expert driven content with global accreditations from prominent educational institutions.
Content experts

Content experts

Learn from the best with Lobster Ink. Let your team share in the years of experience provided by our global team of content experts.
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Explore enterprise courses

Tailored pricing to fit your specific Enterprise learning requirement, securely presented on your own dedicated workspace.

Our Enterprise pricing model is comprised of a one-off implementation fee, together with an annual subscription. Three primary variables determine the price of the annual subscription as illustrated below:

User access fee

A fee per user provides access to the Lobster Ink platform, with a sliding scale of price, across multiple user bands, to ensure economies of scale.

Content subscription

Tailored to your content requirement, we will develop a subscription plan that provides access to our comprehensive content library or assign courses from an existing ‘à la Carte’ list.

Custom content (optional)

Our learning specialists also design and produce custom content to meet your specific learning objectives. The fee is based on a standardised rate card with associated hosting costs.
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"Lobster Ink represents a powerful shift in the way that we are able to communicate and integrate our values."

M. Semer, CEO Kempinski

“I think the coffee course inspired me in a way that I think its something that I can be capable to do. As I have got love for coffee - so I think I will give my best to everything that I need to do for my coffee shop.”

Helen Sibuyi, Tourism Graduate
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Trusted content partners

Lobster works with the most trustworthy partners around the world to deliver content which is unparalleled in quality.
By combining PwC’s extensive advisory knowledge with Lobster Ink’s multi-media learning platform, the partnership will create a new set of courses for managers looking to improve the cyber security and compliance capability of their staff.
The Culinary Institute of America
The Culinary Institute of America has been setting the standard for excellence in professional culinary education for more than six decades and now they have partnered with Lobster Ink to get their visionary educational content online and at your fingertips. Now you have the opportunity to learn from the culinary world’s finest experts from wherever you find yourself around the globe.
Security specialists with extensive security background have joined forces to form Healdan, the expert in security e-learning. Lobster Ink in partnership with Healdan, have developed courses that prepare learners for security and terrorist threats. Healdan professionals have a network of specialists active in the security industry as well as relationships with organisations that operate on the ground each day to keep courses current and topical with keen focus on industry best practice.
The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) was founded in 1953 to provide working hospitality professionals with education and training. AHLEI continues to meet the needs of the industry with a variety of hospitality solutions, including online learning, professional certification, and resources for high schools, colleges, and workforce agencies.
Hotelschool The Hague
Hotelschool The Hague is one of the last independent single sector Universities of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. Founded and funded in 1929 by the hospitality industry, Hotelschool The Hague is a central place where industry partners can gain and share new insight, skills and knowledge. Lobster Ink has partnered with Hotelschool the Hague, the preeminent hospitality management institution, to create a series of management focused courses, bringing the expert knowledge of Hotelschool The Hague lecturers online.
Dave Broom
World whisky, wine and spirits aficionado Dave Broom is your expert guide for the World Masterclass of Whisky. Dave has written over 10 of the leading whisky and spirits publications - including, most recently, The World Atlas of Whisky. It is his belief that the most effective way to educate anyone about whisky is through flavour, interaction and discovery.
Andrew Nicolls
Andrew Nicholls focuses on bar consultancy and high end training for bartenders and bar managers. Strong emphasis is placed on the importance of service and teaching bartenders the tools they need to deliver the ultimate drinking experience to guests. Andrew Nicholls has trained bartenders of many different cultures, in multiple parts of the world.
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