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Embrace change. Accelerate progress.

We help businesses navigate transformation by growing organizational capability so that you can adapt faster and achieve your ambitions quicker.

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Inspired by simplicity. Built to learn on-the-job.

Meaningful transformative change is ultimately driven by people. Our unique blend of microlearning design, powered by our learning experience platform empowers your team to grow your bottom line.

People progress profit

Effective change management requires the successful intersection of three core functions: generating awareness, building workforce capability and measuring organizational impact. Our approach has delivered standout returns on the following project types.

Brand initiatives

Repositioning brands, brand training, mergers and acquisitions.

Cultural orientation
Deploying internal programs on culture (of any kind).

Employee onboarding

Developing onboarding programs at scale.

Risk management, compliance & crisis communication
Mandatory training where deployment speed and completion rates are critical.


Skills transformation
Training practical skills and knowledge to build workforce capability.

System training
Training on software systems and standard operating procedures.

Service excellence
Training on consistent service standards across multinational businesses.

Workforce skills transformation
Capability-building training to keep teams' skills and knowledge current.

Digital learning. Reimagined.

The Lobster Ink platform is an enterprise-class learning solution that enables you to better manage the change process. Our interconnected products integrate with your existing HR technology and enable you to distribute, manage and monitor learning across any scenario of scale and complexity. Learning Paths, Smart Assignments, Localization Services and easy accessibility are just some of the features designed to minimize overheads and free up your team to do what they do best.

Custom curriculum design, aligned to your objectives.

Lobster Ink learning consultants are experts at extracting information, curating insights and structuring knowledge. We build task-based courses, using a range of different native lesson formats to make your content more engaging, accessible and updatable - in multiple languages.

An existing library to bolster your hospitality training

The Lobster Ink Learning Library features over 250 industry-accredited courses, developed with leading subject matter experts. Combined with our interactive learning platform, it is a comprehensive learning management solution for training across multiple languages.

Why our clients choose us

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In a controlled training pilot across 450 hotels, participants saw a 7% uplift in topline revenue and a 0.5% decrease in beverage cost.

Multinational Hotel Group & Fortune 500 Company
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Lobster Ink represents a powerful shift in the way that we are able to communicate and integrate our values.

M. Semer CEO Kempinski
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In partnership with Lobster Ink, we achieved up to a 50% reduction in ‘seat-time’ compared to comparable prior loyalty learning projects.

Connecting teams distributed across more than 130 countries

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    Registered Learners

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    Online Assessments Completed

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    Lessons Completed

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