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Content and technology working together as one

For businesses today, winning requires agility and adapting at the speed of change. Our unique blend of curriculum design, powered by technology, enables multinational teams to build capability and is proven to deliver operational impact.

People progress profit

Transformative change is ultimately driven by people. Lobster Ink’s operational training solutions empower frontline teams to perform in the areas that matter most.

Drive revenue

Drive revenue

through superior service with one consistent standard

Reduce cost

Reduce cost

by onboarding employees quicker and expediting job readiness

Reduce staff turnover

Reduce staff turnover

with interactive training in their language of choice.

Minimize seat time

Minimize seat time

with concise training tailored to job-roles

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction

with brand and product-savvy associates

Build capability

Build capability

and measure the organizational impact

Featured programs

Digital learning. Reimagined.

Lobster Ink’s Learning Experience Platform is an enterprise-class solution that enables you to operationalise training in multiple languages, at scale. Our interconnected products integrate with your existing HR technology and enable you to distribute, manage and monitor training more efficiently and effectively. Learning Paths, Smart Assignments, Localization Services and easy accessibility are just some of the features designed to minimize overheads and free up your team to do what they do best.

Custom learning content, aligned to your objectives.

Lobster Ink learning consultants are experts at extracting information, curating insights and structuring knowledge. We build task-based courses, using a range of different native lesson formats to make your content more engaging, accessible and updatable - translated using the power of AI.

Reduce risk & drive performance through operational excellence

Lobster Ops enables your frontline teams to easily capture operational data during routine procedures through customizable checklists. Monitor frontline behavior, identify knowledge gaps and benchmark performance and compliance across departments, sites or brands.

Connecting teams distributed across more than 140 countries

  • > 1 000 000

    Registered Learners

  • > 13 000 000

    Online Assessments Completed

  • > 21 000 000

    Lessons Completed

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