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Download reports directly as an Excel file

In categories Enhancement April 23, 2020

Download reports directly as an Excel file

We are introducing a new 'download' link to all reports.
Clicking this link on any report will immediately download an excel file (.XLSX) to your computer. The file will include the same information in the report, but now accessible through one simple click. 

All contents available in the application are made available in the excel file. Where necessary, the column names will include the number format of the column. For example (#) for counts, (Avg #) for average counts, and (%) for percentages.

Preview of new functionality:

A note on the Course Engagement and Progress Reports

The 'Course Engagement' and 'Progress Reports' will not have this new download feature available immediately. We are currently in the process of updating these reports with additional measures. Once finalized we will be switching these to the new download feature as well. Currently, these reports will retain the original download feature through email.