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Introducing Manager Home Page

In categories Enhancement July 09, 2019

Introducing Manager Home Page

Introducing a new easy-to-access central hub for managers. The new Manager Home Page gives managers an overview of the available features and gives managers more control over their tasks, improving overall workflow. Upon login, all managers are now redirected to the new homepage on login and can easily navigate to the main manager features from their homepage. 

By default, all managers can manage learners, create and manage assignments and view practical assessments for their learning group. 


Example of the homepage for a property-level manager with basic permissions.


The ‘learner’ card will display additional learner or learner group data, based on the manager’s position in the hierarchy: 

  • For property-level managers: the number of learners in your learner group (this number only reflects users that joined the learner group and excludes pending invitations). 
  • For above-property managers: the number of learner groups below them. 

The ‘practical assessments’ card will display the number of pending assessments from learners in the manager's learner group.  

In the
‘assignments’ card, managers can view, edit or cancel existing group assignments. They can also assign courses and learning paths to learners. 

*Based on the additional permissions that can be assigned to a manager, extra links or cards will display on their homepage. 

Additional updates to the Manager Home Page

  • Improved navigation
    • ‘Home’ will direct managers to the new Manager homepage. 
    • ‘Manage’ will show all common manager tasks in one tab for easy access to: Manage Learners, Create Assignment and Practical Assessments. 

  • Permission-based display: based on additional permissions that can be assigned to a manager, extra links or cards will display on the Manager home page. 
    • Assigning the “invite learners” permission to a manager will add a new link “INVITE LEARNERS” to their existing “Learners” card. When there are pending invitations to new users, the number of pending invitations in the manager’s learner group will display.
    • Assigning the “tag management” permission to a manager will add a new card “TAGS” to their homepage, with a link to “MANAGE TAGS”.  

  • The product bundle card will only appear when there are product bundles available for the property. Property-level managers will have an extra card on their homepage with a link to “VIEW MARKETPLACE”.