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Learner Invitation by Code

In categories Feature August 05, 2019

Learner Invitation by Code

We have introduced new functionality that enables Managers with "invite learner" permissions to easily invite new & existing users into a designated learner group via an invitation code.

Invitation by Code allows managers to invite large numbers of learners into their Learner Group, on their Lobster Ink Workspace. Learners use the invitation code they are given by their manager to onboard themselves into the correct Learner Group.

Upon signup, any user that is not associated with a Learner Group will be prompted to enter an invitation code. Once the user has successfully entered the invitation code, they will be redirected to the appropriate learning experience based on the Learner Group they have been placed in. The invitation code can be used by as many users as the manager distributes it to.

The manager can share the invitation code and joining instructions in the following ways: 

  • by downloading, printing and distributing
  • by emailing 
  • by copying into their clipboard and pasting them in any other internal messaging tool (e.g.: internal messaging applications, announcement boards, any other useful distribution channel). 

If the invitation code is accidentally used by unintended users, the manager has two options:

  1. Generate a new invitation code, which will make the previous code invalid.
  2. Manually remove the user(s) from the Learner Group.


Manager view: