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Successfully implementing change means doing 3 things well

  • Generating awareness of what you’re aiming to achieve and why
  • Building capability in the workforce that will enable you to achieve this
  • Measuring the operational impact of what you’ve deployed and optimizing your next actions

Making learning a part of work rather than apart from it

Keeping up with the demands of today’s deskless workforce is not limited to content only. How it is delivered matters too. Combining the latest online learning technology with our award-winning content, we’re able to deliver training that businesses need and learners love.

Brand Initiatives
Repositioning brands, training, mergers and acquisitions.

Cultural Orientation
Deploying internal brand-building and culture initiatives.

Employee Onboarding
Deploying onboarding programs at scale.

Corporate Compliance
Essential staff training to protect brand and reputation.

Skills Transformation
Practical on-the-job training to keep teams’ skills and knowledge current.

System Training
Training on software systems and standard operating procedures.

Service Excellence
Training consistent service standards across complex organizational structures.

Risk Management 
Mandatory training where deployment speed and completion rates are critical.

Microlearning for the deskless worker

Lobster Ink’s learning methodology underpins every aspect of our curriculum design and production and has been proven to reduce seat time in some of the world’s leading organizations. Each bite-sized, job-relevant and task-based lesson is designed to achieve one goal. Yours.

From learning and development to learning and performance

We’re not saying that we don’t believe in expanding your knowledge at every opportunity. We do. But any corporate investment must deliver results and why should learning be any different? From reporting and insights to assessing real-world impact, the Lobster Ink platform is designed to deliver a return on every minute spent learning.

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Marriott International
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