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Lobster Ink is an LMS's best friend

Make Lobster Ink part of your learning stack and deliver on the learning requirements of your workforce. With multiple integration solutions, you can simply plug in, without compromising the learner experience. Typical integrations include access & authentication, content, and reporting. Once we better understand your integration requirements, our technical team will advise on the available options and compatibility.

Access & Authentication

  • SSO integration allows for secure access control and easy onboarding.

Data and Reporting

  • Interoperability through xAPI
  • Get a full view on learning progress and course completion data in your existing system - in real time


  • Deliver Lobster Ink's best-in-class content through your existing LMS
  • Create a seamless learner experience between existing content on your platform and Lobster Ink courses
  • Leverage our translation capability by deploying Lobster Ink content in your workforce's language of choice.

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Action-oriented Reporting

Action-oriented Reporting

Based on the Kirkpatrick model, our Engage Progress Perform measurement framework links training to operational impact.

Smart Assignments

Smart Assignments

Minimize management overhead and accelerate onboarding by automatically assigning relevant training to multiple user groups across your organization.

Native Lesson Formats

Native Lesson Formats

Keep production costs low while improving content discoverability and facilitating rapid updates in multiple languages.