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Our unique combination of leading technologies enables auto-scaling, swift deployment to multiple regions, custom branding and security. Microservices architecture, tied together with GraphQL, facilitates rapid iterative development, allowing us to respond to opportunities quicker and making for a more agile way of working. Our interactive learning platform supports integration with existing systems, while custom solutions and technical consulting are available on request.

Features and benefits

  • Create a seamless learner experience, customized to your brand identity.
  • Utilization of the Azure Content Delivery Network means reliable, uninterrupted learning across devices and bandwidths.
  • SSO integration allows for secure access control and easy onboarding.
  • Custom hierarchy reflects your preferred learning management structure, enabling you to assign relevant content and report accordingly.
  • Distributed analytics across the platform allow for action-oriented insights and proactive learner management.
  • Integration with best-in-class support providers simplifies processes.


Industry-standard security compliance

All Lobster Ink data is encrypted and kept on physically separate databases. This applies to your user data and the platform itself. We also require the minimum user data set, keeping us one step ahead of EU GDPR legislation and giving you absolute peace of mind.

  • Data is secured through dedicated Cosmos DB per tenant using Azure SQL with sharding.
  • Integration with standard SSO such as SAML 2.0 and OpenID provides secure user access and creates a centralized point of user management.
  • Best practice security ensures that all communication between parts of the application is encrypted and stored in a central PII ID server.

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Action-oriented Reporting

Action-oriented Reporting

Based on the Kirkpatrick model, our Engage Progress Perform measurement framework links training to operational impact.

Smart Assignments

Smart Assignments

Minimize management overhead and accelerate onboarding by automatically assigning relevant training to multiple user groups across your organization.

Native Lesson Formats

Native Lesson Formats

Keep production costs low while improving content discoverability and facilitating rapid updates in multiple languages.

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With Azure PaaS, our team have an integrated platform that makes a DevOps development model easy. This enables us to respond to client opportunities, quicker.