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Bursts of training that build lasting behaviors.

Onboard new hires faster, minimize time spent training, and maximize productivity.

Targeted training on food safety and other public health essentials.

A heightened focus on public safety and hygiene, changing shopping behavior, rising labor costs, and the constant demand for innovation are forcing retailers to adapt - and fast. Lobster Ink's unique combination of content and technology offers the perfect solution to manage change through employee training that is specific to the leaner and their context.

Created by experts, built for Food Retail



Short, practical lessons focus on specific learning outcomes.



Minimize management overhead with training deployed by job-function.

Global Visibility

Global Visibility

Monitor and report on training across individuals, sites, and regions.

Content solutions for Food Retail

Created in partnership with leading subject matter experts, and supported by our proven learning methodology, our content collection for food retail offers off-the-shelf content for immediate impact.

Where learning outcomes meet business objectives

Our custom content production capability ensures a training solution that is tailored to your unique business objectives. Coupled with our existing Food Safety and Public Health training, you can onboard, train, and drive compliance with one powerful solution. Please contact us to learn more.