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Consistently maximize guest satisfaction in your Front Office

The Front Office team has more opportunities than any other associates to interact with your guests and create truly memorable experiences. But, with busy and challenging Front Office environments, associates can struggle to consistently deliver outstanding service.


Our updated Front Office category is a hyper-relevant learning solution designed to prepare any associate to master the Front Office. Find out more about this category and our full library of over 2,500 lessons by getting in touch.

Talk to an expert

Set the right tone from the get-go

Quickly onboard and upskill

Ensure new associates are familiar with the Front Office basics, including important skills like communication, service recovery and upselling.

Maintain consistent service standards

Align all your associates on the standards of quality service and provide the same level of service across properties.

Improve guest satisfaction scores

Ensure your associates know the fundamentals of great hospitality and are able to deliver excellent service in any situation.

Introducing Front Office Essentials

Whether your establishment is luxury or budget, great service is the one amenity that costs nothing. This first release in our category update is an engaging program designed to enable new associates to deliver exceptional service from day one. Using our innovative, digital onboarding buddies, learners are coached through all the tasks and skills of the front desk, including how to navigate service recovery.

A comprehensive category of 10 courses

Explore our new and updated content, designed to onboard and upskill your team.

Role of Front Office - COMING SOON

The Front Office is the control station of your hotel. The department which all other departments rely on. In this course you will learn about the structure and importance as well as the daily flow in Front Office. 

Lessons: 3

Introduction to Working in the Front Office - NEW

Welcome to the Front Office. It’s the center of every guest’s stay. A space with it's own unique challenges and pressures. But we have your back. In this course we’ll introduce you to the Front Office experts, as they break down the various aspects of the job that they will mentor you through.

Lessons: 1

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Arrivals: The Welcome - NEW

Your first moments with your guest have the power to make or break the entire stay. This course shows you how to get Arrivals right every time, by teaching you all the fundamental procedures you need to follow, and then showing you how to use these to create meaningful moments with your guest. Learn how to efficiently get your guest from the door to the desk, how to create a meaningful check-in, and how to ensure that everyone who steps foot in your hotel gets their stay off to the right start.

Lessons: 6

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Interacting with Guests - NEW

When a guest comes to the Front Office, it means they need your help, usually with information. This course will teach you all about the different types of information you need to know, whilst also showing you how to best deliver that information. Whether it’s making reservations, helping guests through meetings and events, or providing the best local expertise, this course will help you navigate what you need to know, and how best to use that knowledge to create memorable moments.

Lessons: 7

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Departures: The Farewell - NEW

Even if everything has gone right during a guest’s stay, a bad Departure can ruin the whole thing. At the same time, Departures can also be a chance to fix any negative experiences a guest may have had. These are the final moments you have with your guest, the impressions they leave here with are the ones they will take home with them. This course will show you how to get the Departures right, ensuring that your guest leaves with a smile on their face and a fond final impression of your hotel.

Lessons: 6

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Communication in Front Office - COMING SOON

Communication is essential in Front Office, and an accurate and constant exchange of information is vital. In this course you will learn how to communicate effectively with other departments, and guests in order to ensure an efficient flow of information in the Front Office.

Lessons: 6

Front Office Accounting Basics - COMING SOON

The Front Office accounting system follows the guest through each stage of the guest cycle. It ensures that guest expenditure is accurately tracked throughout their stay. In this course you will learn how to generate guest accounts and folios, and how to run a night audit.

Lessons: 3

Front Office Service Recovery - COMING SOON

Knowing how to deal with a guest's complaint is a vital skill in the Front Office. Knowing how to identify, deal with and follow up on complaints can turn a negative guest experience into a positive one.

Lessons: 3

Concierge - COMING SOON

The role of a concierge is to provide guests with personalized service. This course will introduce you to the skills that will equip you to be a specialized customer service representative.

Lessons: 1

Upselling at Front Office - COMING SOON

As a Front Office member you will have many opportunities to upsell. Upselling at the Front Office can positively impact the guest experience and increase revenue at your hotel. In this course you will learn how to encourage a guest to make a make a purchase on top of their original booking.

Lessons: 3