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Equip your team with outcomes-based knowledge to fight the battle against food waste

Every year, 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted and billions of dollars lost due to the mismanagement of food. With the stark reality that global demand for food will increase while natural resources remain scarce, we need to approach food differently. The course will enable you or your team to reduce and prevent food waste with a detailed understanding of food waste management.

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1. Introducing Food Waste Management

This lesson looks at the importance of reducing food waste and the effect it has on our environment.

2. Building Your Food Waste Task Force

How to best prevent food waste? Create a food waste task force, and ensure that food waste prevention is supported by everyone at your establishment.

3. Measuring Your Food Waste Problem

This lesson looks at specific areas where measurement can be applied and how it plays an important role in achieving goals and sustaining awareness.

4. Preventing Pre-Service Waste

Learn about the six stages where food waste occurs during pre-service, and the actions you can take to prevent food waste during each stage.

5. Managing Post-Service Waste

This lesson will guide you through the stages where food waste occurs during post-service, and how to positively affect the reduction of food waste.

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